Kappy Jr.

Still no time for full biographies, I fear…

…I’m looking for fictional biographies for a turban-wearing pirate with a curvy moustache, a top-hatted, tentacled alien with love of fine wines, an intellectual goat butler press-ganged into service …and anyone else you feel would be a valuable addition to the crew… A few female pirates, perhaps?

Oh, and don’t worry, Uncle Frank will be on board shortly…


  1. goat butler!! i completely forgot about him! someone has to write him an awesome backstory! that includes u too katies! teh butler needs some lovin! he likes to read books and eat them afterwards to digest the vained knowledge, GOAT BUTLER go!!!!!

    1. In a more civilized manner, written on a more civilized electronic device: I find Goat Butler to be of utter importance to the narrative and his history is such an essential element of the Killkaties Space Pirates Saga that he requires all the care and love you can provide. Someone word-smith him, please! (in the worst case scenario, that includes Mister ‘I don’t have time for this!’ too).

      I shall write a part for one of the female crewmembers because we need them. But not now, because sleep 😀

      1. I can’t wait for my tastebuds to get ravished by your storytelling!

        Also, there is a lady in your crew called Invisible Geena. She’s a ninja cannoneer who’s been with you for a long time. I believe she even helped you from the shadows at certain moments of your pirate life, but she did not took active part in the explodey stuff, because she is quite shy. Also, being invisible is a detriment to being visible. So there’s that.

  2. Her invisibility is nt an oversight but a main feature! She can be a gust of wind or a hand print on a sofa. Besides you can draw her from the time before she was cursed into a ninja by japwnese octopi.

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