Sadly, the amount of time I have on my hands means that I don’t have time for a full biography, so here’s a summary of our first character…20130708-231513.jpg
I’d love some help with characters’ backstories if anyone is up for it!



  1. Normal boys run away with a circus at a certain age, but not Killkaties, oh no, he wanted to be very special, very very very special, so rationally he chose to spend most of his family fortune to buy a ship. And not just any ship but a grand thermonuclear-powered cosmic behemoth of a pirate ship with a nice cotton flag and all. After that he just gathered a strange crew of inconsequential outcasts and sailed away on the windy winds of space!

    Despite naming the ship after himself, that shameless cur, decided against becoming a captain too. He was content with being the first space freeloader – doing nothing but running around the deck with his pants on the head and with the gloriously red turban on his butt.

    That’s how the heroic adventures usually start, don’t they? I mean, maybe a little bit more ale and some low-carbon drugs in the mix would help, but the Killkates boys were greener and purer than your usual scalawags. At least in the clothing department.

    Unfortunately, there was one grand issue in the whole magnificent scheme – some family members of good old Killkaties decided to join in on the fun. His uncle and his dad (or was it his dad and his uncle?) boarded the ship as if it was theirs too, and it kind of was, so no one was courageous and pushy enough to push them out a window. The shady fellows had to stay.

    Also, worth mentioning are some of the complicated and mind-blowing events that happened in between the space and the ‘running away from home at a young age’ thing. There were nuns and sinning, ghosts and death, and as a result fun and funny were joined in a primordial union of wholesome happiness. Everyone lived through the death problem too, so don’t worry your little head, you.

    I really need to go to bed now, use your butcher knife on this longy thing and upgrade the humor with a pun or two, please 😀

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