Pirates in Space

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, for your delectation and delight the title page for a new weekday distraction, Pirates in Space…20130707-194723.jpg
Over the coming days I will be providing potted biographies of some of our main protaganists before we join their adventures…

(Please feel free to write your own biographies for some of the potential crew wether old friends or people from your own imagination. Leave them in the comments section for a high-profile credit if I use them and a big thank you for getting involved anyway.)

Quite often, the comments section of this blog is the most entertaining part so dip your toe in and try the water!


  1. I love pirates! Yo Ho Yo Ho the Pirates Life for Me! Frank is sitting pretty on the “E.” Iii Maties tis a windswept world and there will be high adventure on the high seas! The captain needs a parrot, monkey, or alternate animal to sit on his shoulder and of course a peg leg – or someone should have a peg leg – also who is going to have a hook for a hand or maybe hooks for both hands? Also, don’t forget earrings, capri pants, bare feet, 5 o’clock shadow, a treasure chest, stowaways, a love interest, mutiny, captives, the Bermuda triangle, and the doldrums! Of course they need a craft – best is a an oversized black death ship flying the skull and crossbones (including perhaps a skull that with a lower jaw bone). They need land lubbers to hate and an obsessive objective/destination. I’d like to see a sea dog – not an old sea dog, because I think those are just salty old sailors – no, I’d like to see a real dog at sea – he does not necessarily need to be tricked out in pirate gear, but I do think the sea dog should be able to speak, speak, speak.
    Looking forward to reading the blarney!

    1. Some fine ideas, Brother Elephant. It be a real shame and a pity that we’re bobbing along the cosmic causeway rather than the ocean blue…
      Parrots and wooden legs are on the agenda, though- keep watching!

      1. THANKS! – yes, I got a little carried away – I do understand you are going into space, but well, it was more a list of traditional elements – you have got to deal your own deck! I can only hope a sea dog might find his way into outer space.
        Let’s blast off!
        PS Do they keelhaul the naughty in space?

  2. I’m not going to write a backstory for any of the crew because you mention me too much already ( 😀 ), but I looked up the bosun hanging on the ‘S’ and I’m pretty sure he’s had his nose done.

    You don’t see many pirates with plastic surgery done to their face – when something is gone, it’s gone, they just put a piece of cloth or wood on it. But this guy, this guy, really does stuff to his nose that Michael Jackson could only dream of. In the early days the nose was extra big, then shorter, then killkaties-like and then short but buff as it is now. It may be made out of rubber? I wouldn’t know, I like my nose.

    I am also happy that you’ve finally broken Elephant’s spirit and he decided to write you some of his piratey thoughts.

    1. Aye! They all break in the end! Now back to work with you and write my blog for the next ten days or ye’ll feel a taste of the cat o’ nine tails!

      …and I’m sure that nose is hiding something from us…

      1. Bilge, you two cabin boys could never catch me. Walk the plank yourself – Davy Jone’s locker awaits you mutineers. Maybe I will put you to drift at sea, lash you to a leviathan, or tie an albatross around your neck. No, that all seems like a great deal of trouble.

        Despite your unwelcome derision, I must compliment you on the effective heading “Pirates in Space” at the top of you next post – it would lure me in if I didn’t know that reading and commenting on the post would bring on nautical-tourettes snydrome and expose me to the rough speech of sailors.

        Now, if you will excuse me, I am going below to talk with Captain Ahab about a mutual friend.

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