Alien overlords

All is explained…
whilst on the remote island, all of us were stricken down and abducted by aliens. These cunning extra terrestrials had built a miniature version of the island on board their ship.

One blast from their miniaturisation ray and a dose of wakey-wakey later, we carried on unaware of what had transpired.

It was only our helicopter flight that brought their scientific observation to an end and brought us crashing down upon an unfinished model of London…

We have been able to communicate with our abductors via Google Translate and whilst they are most apologetic for all of the inconvenience they will neither set us free nor return us to full size (possibly because they’re only tiny themselves).

Negotiations continue…



  1. Oh, how I love your aliens! Reminds me of the aliens in the movie Jimmy Neutron (one of the coolest movies ever, IMHO)!

    And I didn’t know Google Translate had an alien universal translator available. So cool!

    1. Isn’t it the other way around? I’m pretty sure Google Translate has ‘Piratespeak’ as one of the languages, so the aliens could use it to understand what killkaties and his misfits were saying.

      1. Piratespeak is indeed one of the options in Google Translate. I earned a chestful of doubloons from my input to the project…

        Google Translate has all kinds of hidden gems if you know how to activate them- gzrat cwmba bill gates zx x!

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