Playing with Devereaux’s chopper

The truth is out.

Uncle Frank pretended he was my father so that he could claim rightful ownership of Killkaties Hall, drawing me to meet my doom in the pits of Hades in order to rescue him.

However, the undead have no rights in this world of ours and so his plan failed. I am thus rather peeved at him.

So is cousin Devereaux, abandoned by Frank on this perilous isle.
There’s obviously some of the Killkaties spirit in Devereaux though as he emerged as leader of the islanders with enough funds in bribes from the World Bank to buy himself a helicopter in which to escape.

We’ve decided that Frank should be abandoned here but we’ll send a rescue squad for the rest of our crew and servants once we reach civilisation.

Super excitement, though- Devereaux has promised to let me fly the helicopter!!!

After that we plan to get our revenge on the World Bank by sulking at them for several weeks.




  1. Who is the “we” who decided to abandon Frank? This story strains my brain! I am simply not smart enough for these complex twists and turns. Also, in my humble opinion, you should probably not be too excited about test flying a helicopter – they crash at the best of times and with the best of pilots.

    I do very much like the way cousin whatever’s teeth fit together – they are super man eating teeth – I know little, but I know anyone with teeth like that will eventually eat someone!
    Happy chewing,

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