El Gran Queso

We are safe and well and stuck here forever.

It was all quite fortunate really.

We were all greased up and ready for roasting when their leader was brought forward to inspect us and… well- look at that nose, check out that jawline! See the family resemblance? No? It’s only my blooming cousin, Devereaux Featheringstonehaugh-Killkaties!

So, safe from becoming the main course in an Extreme Atkins Diet, we got to chatting.

It seems that the World Bank paid him to keep us here by giving him a suitcase full of clothes to dress everyone on the island (he saved the best for himself) and sealing the deal with a heap of bangles, trinkets and necklaces. Of course, the rosary beads have raised my hackles…

Devereaux has plans for our escape too. He believes that If we could build up our stamina, we may be able to swim our way back to civilisation. Either that or he could phone his helicopter to collect is…

NB you may be interested in the pronunciation of the name


      1. That whole “Bostock” thing is just a fiction that I invented to amuse myself, obviously.
        In this reality, pirate names course through my blood like pulsing synapses.
        Further than that I can’t explain in fear of causing universes to collapse in on themselves as reality tumbles into a vast void at the very heart of all existence. I do hope that this isn’t too much of an inconvenience for you.

      2. Ahh, it was Bostock. Sorry about that 😀

        I feared the universal consequences of explaining this issue in detail might be too drastic and complicated for anyone to comprehend and accept without having one’s head exploded. Thus, I believe my convenience to be irrelevant in the current situation. Moreover, I fully accept that, and move on unto another chapter of the grand piratey narrative.

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