Thanks for nothing.

Thanks for all of your help interpreting the cave painting, everyone… only tobecooper over at invasion of reality offered anything vaguely helpful…

Tobe suggests that we are about to be killed and possibly eaten by a tribe of incredibly wealthy robots who may be in the pay of evil nuns out for revenge.

As this is all we’ve got, we’re going to run with it and have already started to dig our way out of the cave using our belt buckles. We have managed to dig out enough rock to create a peephole, revealing the scene below…

Daylight! They will be upon us imminently…HELP!



  1. This is too difficult for me! You are the brilliant engine behind your illustrations. You can not possibly expect your followers to shine the way you do! I don’t understand how if you are underground you could dig a peephole and see this vista. So, as usual I am entirely lost! My only suggestion is that I like to see something really odd happen – so my vote is for the odd!

    1. Thanks for the flattery but I am simply chronicling events as they unfold via my eyePhone (don’t ask!)… which gives me an idea… does anyone have the phone number for some kind of International Rescue Agency to hand?

  2. The trees are trying to tell you something with these strange letters? This is, indeed quite strange. All I can read is ‘CB please wear and umbrella’, but this might be a mistranslation.

    Also, thanks for linking to my about page, I thought I blocked it from comments, but now I’ve got a trackback to a post entitled ‘Thanks For Nothing.’ Ye scheming weasel! Though, to be honest, I like it a lot 😀

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