…And the ship sailed on.

Well that ship has definitely sailed…

and as day broke, this fellow and his compatriots came streaming from the trees and now have us imprisoned in a sealed cave.. There seems to be no way out but we will take another look once our eyes become accustomed to the darkness..

The real question is: what are their intentions?

… And here’s a BIG thank you to G.E.Gallas for pasting me up front and centre on her lovely blog!


  1. Well, at least we know the Western culture has arrived to this Godforsaken land, because the boned person is wearing a very nice set of panties.

    Also, I remember the giraffe-snake, and thee fishies, but I don’t remember the mouse asking for some Lady Gaga. Where is it from? Link, killkaties, provide me with a magical link! 😀

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