In the dark

Having been delivered safely to our island paradise, we proceeded to party the day away.

Come nightfall we all thought that it would be a splendid idea to make a nice fruit punch.
However, upon returning to our campsite, we discovered that the launch that had brought us to the island had slipped away under cover of darkness.

It’s hard to be sure in this light but we can no longer make out the outline of our ship out in deeper waters.

No doubt all will be much clearer come the morning light…


anyone looking for something underhand in this picture can rest assured that I didn’t make a complete hash of the background and then have to hide it under a mass of inky blackness. What on earth gave you that. Idea?



  1. Elephant is absolutely right. You look like stickers on a black fridge.

    You need to write slower too because your words get mangled in strange ways. Also, how could you make a complete hash of a background when it’s just a bitch by the sea.

    1. Maybe I should add said stickers to my Imaginary Emporium… It has been neglected somewhat since its launch.

      That mashing up of words happens to be a deliberate choice in the style of James Joyce or possibly Thomas Becket.

      I do hope that you are not doubting my mastery of the English(UK) language?

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