Cheers, World Bank

Wer-hay! The World Bank are giving us our own tropical island to live on! Thanks, folks- we’re loving the freebies!, Next stop, paradise!


for some real comics artwork, go over and check out the work of Emilie Rouge-a uniquely talented master of inkmanship


  1. The face is brillo, the hand is, oh my god, what have they done to your hand!?

    Also I visited Emilie Rouge’s site yesterday because I saw it in your ‘blogs i follow thingy’ to the right, and while you were busy distributing likes I went and commented too. You have keen blogy eyes and I follow them sometimes.

    1. Ah, yes…the hand. It’s a disability I’ve been hiding from the world for years but my excessive alcohol intake caused me to drop my guard.
      I must now confess: my index finger is made of rubber.

      And Emilie has a formidable if sometimes disturbing talent.

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