Crisis summit

We’ll be back to chronicling the daily doings of Killkaties very shortly.
My companions and I are still enjoying the high life, the champagne is still flowing freely but the caviar is becoming a little tiresome do bring on the truffles. We will be heading into port in the next couple of days to take on more supplies. For now, though, the weather is glorious. You may wish to join us on board when we dock. It’s very good of you, the tax-paying world, to pay for all of this…

Rumour has it that the World Bank have called an emergency meeting to see how much more money they can shower us with… (See the greedy croissant-munching bankers who have been flown to Brussels at your expense below…or above if you’re reading upside down)20130621-080244.jpg



  1. Did you get a commission to bring together these two very serious people? You did a nice job – even I care about them and their World Bank chit chat!

  2. I like that they have only a little croissant and two glasses of some, probably alcoholic, beverage. That’s Lucille-style breakfast, and that’s what makes them instantly trustworthy.

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