Lazy post

Today, I present a lazy post as I drew this months ago but wasn’t very pleased with. Having dashed off a fair few slapdash sketches over the last couple of months, it now seems much better.

The post featuring G.E.Gallas a couple of days ago proved so popular that I’m considering the idea of drawing a popular blogger each day… Or maybe not.




  1. I like the door behind him, but there is something uncomfortable about the way his head sits on his neck and they way his neck sits on his body. You deserve some lazy days posts – you have had some big doings on your blog lately! Hope your star brought you good luck!

      1. Very good! We need some fresh attitude in the comments section! I am just sorry they weren’t there for the big discussion about whether the rocket was giant and the people small or were the people little and the rocket was the size of a nun! LOL

    1. My guess is that his real neck is hidden beneath a neck brace. His happiness is a side effect of the incredibly strong pain killing drugs he’s on- remember,kids NEVER try to ride a wild boar whilst completely drunk.

      Oh! His name is Bim. Bim Bob, thank you very much for asking.

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