The harder they fall

Would you look what some accurate precision snowballing has has done- we’ve managed to knock down that ridiculous monumemt to evill nunnery to reveal a world threatening missile.

Next upits grappling hooks and precision bomb diffusing!




  1. She fell down! And then she was at an end? That Mother Superior has lived through greater challenges than falling down! You have no idea how a bomb like this one bothers me – underground, poking up, and displacing a strong character!
    No, sorry I can’t go with this – love the little people there at the side!!!

  2. Good question – has Mother Superior gotten bigger? Because she is bigger than the missile (or the top of the missile). That would mean the little people have shrunk – judging by their size relative to M.S. in an earlier post. So with all this I should simply say I don’t know how large or small anything is!

      1. Always cut the red cable, unless there are two. Then cut the green one. Although if there’s someone giving you advice on cutting stuff inside bombs, you are legally obliged to do the exact opposite of what he is saying.

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