Today I was released from gaol with abject apologies from the British legal system.
It appears that all records of my incarceration were deleted by a computer hacker with the handle MommaSuperia.

So I’ve been overlooked in a holding cell in Stoke On Trent for quite some time now (hence the bushy beard).

I found Killkaties Hall deserted when I returned home so I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to update my blog.

Well! I could not believe what I found there! Someone has stolen my identity!

As the tale unfolded screen by screen and I clicked my way through Newer entries after Newer entries, this (convincing) imposter led my friends and companions including an quadropusised “Uncle” Frank towards the depths of the earth, eventually convincing them all to leap into the earth’s core.

Frank! My new-found, long-lost, lying, double-crossing father!

And Mother Superior! Good grief!

Stripping off her latex mask and turban may prove to be this megalomaniac nun’s undoing though- I am sure that the rest of my old pirate chums won’t be wanting to miss out on a share of any treasure that is within their grasp and will form a “friendly” welcoming committee to greet her when she returns to the surface. I don’t think she will be troubling us again.

A moment’s silence please while we fondly remember all who were lost on this doomed quest.




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