Each member of our entourage took a crate marked with a K and followed the suggested exit route by jumping into the flaming pit that leads to the earth’s core and supposedly out again on the other side of the earth in, I believe, South America.

So that’s everyone plummeting to the fiery depths then. It’s amazing what the lure of treasure and a forged note from the devil will lead people to do. This leaves me alone with a single crate, marked with a skull, to transport to the surface back the way we entered. This crate should actually contain treasure and not just rocks.

“Killkaties!” I hear you cry. “How could you?”

Well… Killkaties is still languishing in a gaol cell charged with the murder of his father, Frank. The whole affair has left him somewhat unhinged. Losing his entire staff to the fires of hell should just be enough to push him over the edge.

Who am I? Well, I will remove this convincing latex mask and reveal all… tomorrow.




      1. Well, I thought it could be Frankie under the killkaties mask. But that would retcon him back to human and fully armed and legged form, which would be a bit of a pity, because I like tetrapus Frank. On the other hand, would any other outcome be satisfying? I’ll stay tuned. Same hellchannel, same distime.

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