At the pit of hell

Well. Frank’s secret was certainly surprising.

Uncle Frank is not my uncle. He is my father. (“Nooooooooooooooo!” a present for Star Wars fans)

That will be the act of fraud that allowed us to pass through gate 8 then. The act of treachery is still to come to light.

Anyway, enough of that. We’re now in the very depths of hell where Frank says we should have come face to face with the devil himself. Instead we are greeted with a hastily scribbled note…

“Dear Killkaties ancestor
My name is legion. You may know me as satan, the devil, old Nick, Brian or Beelzebub to name but a few.
Sorry I couldn’t be there for your arrival but I’ve has to pop out to the shops for some milk.

Right. To business. Your ancestor, Bosforth Killkaties- the first Killkaties to pursue piracy as a profession entrusted me with the task of keeping his treasures until a member of his family comes to claim it which is what you are doing now.

In return he offered me his soul, a rusty spanner and the everlasting indenture of his family.

Your treasures are stored in the crates marked with a “k” and the quickest exit would be
down through the firey depths and out at the other side. (Caredful it gets very hot in there)





  1. Now NOW! What happened to all the other sins – I was looking forward to those illustrations!

    So you went to Hell and the Devil told you a story – big deal doesn’t that happen to everyone who ends up down below! Really!!!! Treasure maps, swamp land in Florida, your sister is your mother etc. No matter what you call the dumb old devil – he is going to tell you tales! Now get out of there before you get burned!

  2. Well! I never expected that! Uncle Frank yer daddy?!
    I have to say the inferno and such pleasing family news suits you – even with the crazy googly eyes!

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