The next gate, ‘treachery’ is wide open too.

So we have a treacherous fraud in our midst, with our goal of fabulous wealth within reach.

For those of you who enjoy travel blogs, the beautiful scenery here is broken up by blocks of ice with twisted and contorted people encased in them. Nice. Oddly, the heat is becoming unbearable and the smell of sulphur similarly so.

Uncle Frank says that he has a great secret to tell me. I can”t wait- I love surprises!



    1. No, I’m sure he can be trusted… even when he’s sending a wild tiger to live with me, stealing my house, having me falsely imprisoned or tricking me into travelling to the very depths of hell.
      I don’t see what can possibly go wrong

      1. No, you’re right! He’s the perfect Uncle! Just keep an elastic band handy incase you need to b’doing on the nose! Stay safe 🙂

    1. Some might suspect those teeth to be a colourisation error but you have hit upon the truth.

      George Washington also had a set of wooden teeth but only used them as a backup to his iron set (guaranteed historical fact).

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