Beleagured by harpies, most of our party were starting to succumb to their ways when up stepped Frank with his magick book.

His powers seem to be increasing as we get closer to our destination. It’s almost as if we were heading towads the source of his magic…




    1. I’m sorry for not telling you all earlier but Frank lost his hooked and peg-legged tentacles when crushed beneath the door to the underworld some days ago. Surgeons battled to save them but the cost of doing so would have exceeded his medical insurance so they didn’t bother.

      1. Down to just 4 tentacles! Will he lose more, become a tripod? a bi-ped? A uni-ped? Roll around? Let him keep the balance of his limbs – please!

  1. Should folks be terrified of his magick or overjoyed? Ah, but this is the question! The upside down pentagram is no consolation considering it may very well be the cause of all the trouble in the coming days!

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