Crossing the dank depressing swamp required the assistance of the Ferryman again.

We are reaching the end of our chart now- the centre just features a huge red question mark, a skull and crossed bones and a large X. We need to find a way of passing through the gates of this fortress in order to proceed. Let’s hope that it’s completely unguarded, shall we?

Incidentally, I am assured that the Killkaties emporium is now open for business.
Gratitude goes out to tobecooper who can consider himself to be the recipient of an imaginary ‘helpfullest Blogger’ award. Bask in your fifteen minutes, tobe.



  1. This fortress is strange – I am not sure you can see how strange it is.

    Tobe? By now I am in love with Tobe – he has left you so many great comments – who has such a great follower? Lucky both of you – don’t leave me any mean comments about this – just saying! Glad it all worked out and I like the “helpfullest Blogger” award – bask please in an additional 15 minutes!


  2. I don’t think you would be this cunning, killkaties, but DiS looks an acronym for Death in (the) Swamp.

    Thank you for being in love with me Elephant, I like you too.

    Also, we’ve been basking for well over fifteen minutes 😉 Now, excuse me as I have to go and cuddle with my award.

      1. Strangely, I’ve never heard of Pluto/Hades/Lucifer being called Dis, and I was an avid reader of Greek Mythology as a kid, and an avid reader of Mike Carey’s Lucifer later on. Should’ve been reading Divine Comedy instead 😀

        Also, it’s the name of the devil, man, of course, it’s a secret glyph 😉

      2. I believe it is of ancient roman origin. I think Pluto was also called ‘dis pater’ (father dis). This is only a vague recollection though so don’t go dropping it into your daily conversation as a fact.

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