We decided not to stop for food. The next gate was labelled ‘gluttony’ which put us off a little but not as much as the giant three-headed dog guarding the food. The ferryman was able to calm Cerberus down with the use of laudanum-filled foggy drops.

I do hope we get to stop food soon though, I’m unbelievably peckish. The next gate is labelled ‘greed’ though so maybe we’ll skip through that before grabbing a bite. Next up after that is ‘anger’ so we will practice calm, contemplative meditation on our way.




  1. By chance did you encounter sloth? I miss him terribly and wonder where he could have went.

    BTW, the expressions on their faces are priceless. Good work with the colors you’ve chosen as well!

  2. I really like that background purple, so agree with Jack on the great color selection.

    Also, I see you’ve read up on Seven Deadly Sins now? 🙂
    Mixed it with some Greek and cake too 😀

  3. I too like the colors – the green eyes of envy. Pizza and cupcakes always indicate biblical level gluttony.
    Very nice – this is my favorite drawing so far!

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