Ferry interesting

The bizarre underground village has only one other route out, opening onto a river. Luckily there seems to be a regularly scheduled ferry serviice but the limit on passenger numbers means that i have to choose a single crew member to take with me. But who, dear reader, should it be?
Uncle Frank?
The goat butler?
One of my old pirate chums?
The spectral Hettie or Banks?

Mmmmm… Decision time then. Any ideas?



  1. Do you have coins? They may come in handy while crossing.

    Someone reasonable would take Frank because he can swim, and you can use him to deflect bullets. I would take goat butler because I like him.

    Then again, someone more reasonable wouldn’t cross at all. But where’s the adventure in that!?

    Also, I didn’t know Hettie is still with us? 😀

  2. I think you should take ME! I can swim and it solves your choice problem. But if not me, I would take that character who has only 6 legs (the one Tobe said could swim?), because he has lost two legs to this adventure already! Really, I would take the one who has the best chance of making your dreams come true!

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