The secret of the door

Donning the guise of a door-to-door encyclopaedia salesman (thanks for the help, everyone) , I rapped on the door and waited.
No reply.
I hammered on the door.
Still no reply.
I grabbed Uncle Frank by the tentacles (steady, now) and battered the door repeatedly with his thick skull.
After a thorough consultation, our entire crew agreed that there was no one at home and so we turned the handle and pushed at the door. It wouldn’t budge.

We are at an impasse. Uncle Frank admitted that he had not come by the map in Borneo, he had merely returned from Borneo with it, having failed to open the door and needing some assistance.
The map was created some 250 years ago by my not so great great great great great great great grandfather Fester Spelunking Killkaties who was a great lover of puzzles, codes and secret writing.

Examining the door more closely revealed a series of hieroglyphics on a metal plate near to the handle. Now, let the decoding of this ancient Bornean hieroglyph commence!




  1. Things are starting to get fun. I wonder what the symbols mean. Maybe they’re markings from an ancient civilization keeping their secrets locked away for no one to decipher. Or maybe it’s a name? Oh, I’m intrigued…

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