Pssst! A request for advice.

Psstt! Pssssst!! Hello!. yes, you!

Sorry about this- I’m having to blog very quietly while the others are asleep. I don’t want them to hear this but I have serious misgivings about our treasure-hunting expedition.

Having followed the treasure map that Uncle Frank brought back from Borneo, we have come across a very old door hidden between a zig-zagging series of stone slabs…on the door was the handle shown below.

Now… here is the cause of my troubled mind- it is identical to the handles of the underground storage vault back at Killkaties Hall. So what is it doing in a remote crevice in the mountains of Borneo? How can that be?

Did Frank really find the map in Borneo? Why was he so willing to share it with the rest of us?
I can trust no one. So what is my next move?
Do I slip away into the night?
Should I confront Frank?
Should I hold out for the treasure?
Help me, folks- I am totally at a loss.
I really need your advice!




  1. I’ve always love these old door knockers. Where I live, an old colonial town (we were the red coats), our historical buildings have these knockers all over the place. I love them!

    Oh, yeah. Confront Frank. Confrontation is better than resignation!

  2. I think you should put on a disguise & knock on the door pretending to be an encyclopaedia salesman. When they answer, you might get a good look at what lies within – or you can thwack them on the head with a weighty volume & look inside while they are temporarily knocked out. Take a torch in your salesman’s briefcase, in case there are Bornean storage vaults below…

    By the time they come round, you hopefully have found anything interesting & legged it.

    Good luck – sounds exciting.

  3. Webmasterpluc has devised a very well thought out plan! I would follow it. If any unforeseen difficulties arise act very angry – everyone fears and avoids the truly furious!

  4. My first thought was confrontation.

    But after reading webmasterpluc’s plan, I changed my mind. It is very good, so I would follow it, and just modify it a bit – make it look like Frank is the head of this operation, thus make him go in first.

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