Salvation! We have been saved from a six month galleon rebuild by good old Uncle Frank who pointed out that we could just take the plane!

Unfortunately by the time we’d paid the excess luggage surcharge, the decent-sized seat surcharge, the use-of-the-in-flight-toilets surcharge, the poltergeist surcharge and the goat surcharge… we didn’t quite have the funds to cover both the air tax and the full amount of tentacle surcharge.

It was only by the liberal application of Killkaties Cure-All that we were able to convince Frank that six tentacles would be more than enough to live a fairly “normal” life.

Still, we’re on our way now so look out, Borneo- here we come!

killkaties cure-all will be available shortly from the soon to be launched SHOP page. Keep a keen eye out for it.



  1. I am going to be a Killkaties Cure-All customer! Can’t wait. But for now, I must say OUCH – two arms for a plane flight! Glad I am not in your tour group. Also avoiding Borneo for now!

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