Guest artist

Today, a guest illustration from my middle child, Oliver(14).

He’s already something of a dab hand with pen and ink- does anyone have any advice on the best way of digitising a sketch? Violetski? Elephant?

Any tips gratefully accepted. Thanks, folks.




  1. Haha, while I’m not a specialist, I’ve got to say you really buggered it up.

    IMO, you should’ve tried to scan it as best as you can, then apply some filters, and play around with lighting and contrast.

    Also, nice cat. I appreciate the monkey hands.

      1. Bah, I hope I don’t sound like a smug silly person (though I believe I do).
        I really like the cat too. Here are better blacks:

      2. Given what you had to work with, I admire your deftness of touch. How did you remove all of the background? Is there a one-click button that does that?

      3. Basically Image->Adjustments->Brightness/Contrast and play around with them a bit. Magic Wand (W), is quite helpful in the process too as you need to brighten some parts more than others depending on the thickness of the line.

      4. I think your comment about starting with as good a scan as I can get is the winner… I’ll try again once my scanner is back in action. Thanks for all of your help!

  2. Ah, sorry killkaties I was late to see this cute cat !
    The best way is scanning and recovering as tabecoer is recommended too😃❤
    It is really awesome cat and I’m really looking forward to see your son sketches blog one day here 😃❤

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