Avast! Adventure

My name is cleared! The police’s murder case collapsed when I strolled into the station with Frank perched on my shoulder. They’re still pretty mad with Mewtrier, though…

With Uncle Frank in his new form, I had thought of opening a Freakshow, like my ancestors at the turn of the 20th century. Frank, however, revealed that he had uncovered an ancient treasure map whilst in Borneo…

So, I’ve put out the call to get the old crew back together. Potential deckhands should apply by writing their qualifications in blood.

Moves are also afoot to purchase a brand new hand-crafted galleon…
nb sailing times will be announced shotly. Watch this space.




      1. But will I be able to have both treasure and lungs in it?
        That’s the important question, and maybe that’s also the reason why there are so few treasure chests out there.

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