All change!

I think the new exterior paintwork is coming along nicely- all those “K”s will have to go though.
As tomKillkaties headgear, I’m not really going for it,

Oh! The doors and windows have all been barred just in case he tries to get back in once the police have finished with him. I’ll be cosily holed up inside.

As I believe I said yesterday, “Heh-heh-heh!”



One comment

  1. I see, you aren’t wasting your time!

    But was it necessary to take away his headgear? I mean, don’t you have any honorary rules about stealing another man’s hat?

    Also, not to sound rude, but that paintjob is dreadful, Frankie. I’m starting to think you may have some trouble with sight. Those yellow eyes never looked all that natural to me.

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