Historical mystorical

Looking more closely at the photo in yesterday’s post it stuck me that there was something “not quite right” about it. Then it struck me- there is no room inside that the house that doesn’t have a window in all it’s exterior walls!

So, I dug out the original blueprint for ” Killkaties Hall” and it seems that there was originally a secret priest-hole dating back to the Reformation, which had a tunnel leading to another safe house somewhere nearby. I believe I may have identified the location of a secret room behind the wall of the games room.

Tomorrow, armed with a sledgehammer, I aim to investigate.

PS still no sign of Uncle Frank

NB for those not entirely au fait with English history, the Reformation was a period when each new monarch set up a brand new religion, burned anyone who adhered to the old religion, stripped it of it’s treasures and then died, leaving the incoming monarch to do the same. That’s why our current queen is Head of the Church of England and is an unbelievably rich old lady.



  1. Ha, this is a good one. I love the Picasso in the background. Oh, and I love how one of his eyes is staring at the painting while the other is in a state of “I’m not looking at anything.” Haha! Again, a good one!

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