The family pile


For Monday morning, a photograph of the ancestral home before the current kerfuffle. Things are slowly getting back to normal now but Uncle Frank and Mewtrier are nowhere to be found…



  1. I suspect it took a lot of time to prepare a ‘photo’ of the killkaties villa. I seem to remember a post about the hardships of creating detailed objects in the background and then having to fill the rest of the picture with simpler stuff. So it’s not surprising that you would add a couple of trees and stamp your face on top of that architectural masterpiece!

    1. Mmm… I’ve been looking a little more closely at that photo and have come to the conclusion that there’s something not quite right about it.
      If only I could put my finger on it…

      1. Oh, if there is a purpose to your colorless home, then I am in awe + content + eagerly waiting for what will happen next.

        Though, I usually am all these things.

      2. Or is this another of your ‘facial hair’ puzzles? Is there something written in your beard? Will I find the secrets of the universe grown on the rough edges of your drawn face?!

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