Ghosts busted

Well, what remarkable good fortune!

The Mother Superior of the local convent happened to drop in for a spot of tin-rattling fund-raising and voila! With a couple of well-placed Latin incantations she was able to banish all the malevolent spirits and give Banks and Hattie pause for thought too. She’s now working her magic on our goat butler, giving him a stern talking to.

The demon, meanwhile couldn’t withstand a head to head battle with a great big billy goat butler and is now sulking, stationary on the ramparts.

Uncle Frank and Mewtrier have gone AWOL during the ruckus but heaven help them if Mother Superior tracks them down.

Anyway, it all turned out well in the end and just as soon as we retrieve the family fortune from that blasted removals van in the driveway, I’ll be making a generous donation to the convent…



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