Night manoeuvres

Things here have taken a peculiar turn. Uncle Frank is getting on very well with Mewtrier.

He’s bought him a matching robe and has used jungle-learned skills to train him to walk on two legs when prompted.

Mewtrier’s growls and snarls have begun to take on a human sound (or maybe that’s my over-familiarity with them).

Tonight the two of them have marched off to the graveyard to pay their respects to Banks and Hettie. I don’t know what prayer Frank was reciting from one of his dusty old books but it sounded like Latin to me (“Spíritus tui surgeret de terra”, anyone?).

Oh look! It’s a full moon too! Must go and get my telescope set up to get some pictures for my latest academic paper “The moon: big cheese or dusty rock?”




    1. Just make sure your robe doesn’t have a K on it too (see Jack’s comment below).

      …and I think an elephant in a bathrobe wandering the streets at night sounds like a wonderful thing to behold.

  1. Luckily there wasn’t a third robe-wearing character. Otherwise you’d have three K’s lined in a row. Wouldn’t that’ve been something!

    I like how you chose to use purple as your sky. I get a good feeling looking at it. Somehow, the Pink Panther comes to mind (don’t ask me why)! 🙂

    1. Oddly enough I did originally draw in more characters, some wearing pointed wizard hats too. A lucky escape when I realised what I’d done and simplified the whole thing…

      1. Oh, don’t be silly! I would never imply such a thing!

        By set up, I meant the guys setting up a cult/a black mass. I imagined them setting up a table for next events!

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