All cleaned up

Well uncle Frank has finally emerged from the bathroom after cleansing himself of the stench of the jungles of Borneo. He’s tidied himself up and has taken Mewtrier for a spot of exercise by the light of the moon, albeit whilst wearing his bathrobe.

I’m slightly concerned about uncle Frank. He’s starting to develop something of a maniacal gaze and quite what those strange symbols that he’s daubed on his walls in crimson paint mean I don’t suppose I’ll ever know.

Still Mewtrier seems happy enough so I can’t complain…




  1. My – your Uncle Frank is an intense soul! And he walks that pet in his bathrobe – ouch! I will be watching on the streets at night (so that I don’t cross their path)!!

  2. “starting to develop something of a maniacal gaze”

    Yeah, tell yourself that. Personally, I doubt it can get more maniacal. He’s got the most maniacal eyes there are.

  3. I hope his bathrobe doesn’t fly open in a windy moment!
    So good to be back checking out your blog and madness. I’ve been travelling for the last several weeks and only just beginning to get back to normality. I hope you’ve been well 😉

    1. Luckily we’re having very still nights at the moment so I think uncle Frank’s modesty will be preserved.
      It’s good to have you back, Gabriela- I’ll be whizzing over to your blog shortly to (I hope) read all about your travels… your writing always enthralls.

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