Wanted: zombie-slaying domestic staff

For all his domestic dexterity, Mr Brian T. Bryant has proven to be less well-skilled at woodwork. His work securing the front entrance to the great hall gave way after only 12 hours of barrage by our zombified former staff.

Luckily Bryant remained quick-thinking to the bitter end, convincing the creatures that dyslexia had twisted their mantra to “must eat brain” rather than the much more sensible “must eat Brian”.

As he was consumed by the creatures, Bryant was able to call upon Mewtrier for assistance who tore the three of them limb from limb, rendering them incompetent as zombies.




      1. The cat can’t be a zombie, man. It’s the carrier of the virus, so it can’t be affected by it. I’m not sure if that’s comicbook science or real science but it’s what I was taught to believe by “28 Weeks Later.” Jack will surely back me up on this one too!

        (So I hope your wait and see is something different. I mean, I know it’s something different. And if it isn’t then, you will explain it out. Or not. Or both. No pressure. Or a lot of pressure.)

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