We have a new portrait in the Main Gallery at the mansion house. It’s by possibly the most talented British artist of recent years.

It’s a portrait of me, of course, and the genius artist behind it has called it “self portrait”.

I’ve called the staff to hang it but they seems to be spending all of their waking hours with Mewtrier who seems to be very demanding.

NB yesy, I am aware that I look like Tintin in his later life… Hence the style of portraiture


  1. Firstly, tell Portrait (is he French?) that he is indeed very talented.

    Secondly, you get bonus points for Tintin but without a turban and mustache it’s just not the same. You’re not changing my killkaties vision.

      1. Calvin and Hobbes. Sigh indeed!

        The Complete Calvin and Hobbes is available from major booksellers at a massively discounted rate. Bill Watterson took up painting and childcare and is very rarely heard from. He still won’t licence the characters or strips for commercial means.

        I deeply admire Bill.

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