Mewtrier eschews tuna, chews pruner

Well I hope you’re all happy now! The lack of a translator has caused me no end of trouble.
“A tuer”, it seems, is not French for “a tuna”…

Pictured below is Head Groundsman, Mr Banks, beginning to get an idea of what the French care instructions that came with our new pet really mean.

Turns out that Mewtrier is not a large fluffy kitten but a savage Bengal Tiger.

Obviously, Banks had to leave our employ as bloodstains are so difficult to remove from cream coloured carpets. Sadly he bled to death dragging himself along the grand driveway to the nearest public telephone box.

Mewtrier has been sent to his room and told to think about his actions (don’t worry, I’ll get one of the maids to let him out sometime around lunchtime



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