Farewell, Alan. Bonjour, Mewtrier

I’m afraid that we had to ask Alan (the giraffe) to leave Killkaties Mansions after an altercation with the gardener about the Acacia trees in the southern garden.

We’ve just received a replacement from the wildlife sanctuary and we’re hoping that things will work out better with this beast. After all, what harm could this cute little creature cause? (Although he does seem to have made himself a home in the middle of a prize rosebed)

One thing concerns me though- his care instructions were written in French.

Can anyone help us out here? We’re hoping that “méfiez-vous! passera à tuer des hommes” translates to “just for you- pass her a tuna sandwich, man!”




  1. Oh, I know a couple of words in French! Hommes is plural of a man, so a proper translation would be more like “just for you – pass her a tuna sandwich, people!”

    The French are nice and they thought about all of the killkaties mansion residents and not just you.

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