Well there seem to be quite a sizeable number of you following this blog so, in the interests of keeping you happy, I’ve got two questions for you:

1) do you prefer the posts with or without huge amounts of writing?
2) what’s your favourite post?

Let me know and I’ll tailor the blog to suit. A kind of bespoke blog…

I’m always open to requests too.

Just leave your replies down here and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



      1. Just to contradict the heathen below us who clearly come here only for the sweet sweet pictures:

        Words are good. People should read them, is what I believe. And I definitely think providing some context for the pics is nice. I mean, don’t do that every time, because it may eat away too much of your time and then the regular postings would suffer! But go bonkers every now and then.

        Also, I’ll still refrain from pointing out my favorites. It’s immensely difficult because you always go against my expectations (which is quite cool, I give you that). So I’m attempting to create a scheme in which I would lead you one way to make you go the other. It’s how evil minds think, and I’m easily amused by evil minds.

      2. Curses on you!

        However, in your favour you may be one of the five real people actually following the blog rather than a spambot attempting to lure me into a unique investment opportunity by checking out their site.

        Bu yes, words are good and everyone needs a brainspill very now and then.

        But then a picture is worth a thousand words so 40 pictures = a blockbuster novel.

      3. What a bunch of silly mice! I heard it’s not available in Canada. Didn’t know they block UK too. And they delete all the content off youtube to send people to their own player! Gah!

  1. Since you’re asking, and you are asking, right? πŸ™‚ I think, my opinion, a one liner should be enough. Or maybe a couple of bubbles, depending on how many characters you have. Simple is always better. Like I said, my opinion!

  2. I love your style , killkaties ! But as opinion , my opinion! , I personally like short line of writing , but as Jack said its depend on how many characters you have.
    I love all your posts ,honestly. Each has their own humor and I personally really enjoy themπŸ˜ƒ
    Looking forward to see more postsπŸ˜ƒβ€

  3. I like the one/two/as many liners – makes your sketches more personal because of your crazy sense of humour. πŸ˜€ I need the laughs!

  4. That’s why I follow only 4 blogs; two are family members and the fourth is Elephant.
    Your Gravatar sketch (Pirate, right?) resembles an Indian villager; turban, curvy moustache, slightly ‘goonda’ features et al. πŸ˜€ Quirky coincidence, eh?

    1. Well, I am truly honoured.

      Elephant’s blog is so varied and often produces some real gems.

      Your writing too seems to “connect” in some way, although I have so far only dipped tentatively into them.

      The goon in question was French in his original incarnation…quite why he has that headgear I don’t know. Sometimes a free-roaming mind produces something that intent thought and hard work could never do and letting the mind run free is often a great release from a mundane day.

      1. I agree – mind muscling rarely works except to give a free range headache!

        Some activities do seem to open up the mind to free roaming…..wish the mobile companies would follow suit. Us Canadians pay the most in the world. Mobile rant aside, I truly believe this ‘mind field’ is where discoveries, inventions, ideas, solutions, intuition exist – for free. Of course, it becomes a minefield when two or more tune into the same idea at the same time!
        Your Goat Butler of 11/08…..I had not yet seen the original of 20/04. And yet, the song “Ghostbusters” came to mind and hence, my comment. Yikes!

        Along with the blog, the blogger’s replies reveal so much more. Elephant’s like that – her (?) replies reveal a genteel, curious mind or so I think!

        Never could I have seen a French connection in the goon, mon ami. Ever thought of offering a service to draw Gravatars/avatar images?

      2. I love those things that seem to come from nowhere. Where just the act of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard seem to draw on ideas that you didn’t know were there.

        …as to avatars, i’m open to requests and wouldn’t charge a thing to regular commenters or repliers. I’m not doing this with Ny intent to make money from it.

        Keep your mind open and it will fill itself with ideas!

  5. Soul to earth requests new avatar to save her world.

    Request sent to your email along with offers for work/energy exchange in lieu of avatar sketch as karma meter is always ticking, you see. πŸ˜‰

    1. Beware! Your world is not yet safe!

      Chaos reigns and my e-mail address was completely wrong!
      It should have read:

      I am sooo sorry- would it be too much to ask for you to re-send to the correct address?

      It has only taken 10 months for me to realise this! Thank you for making me notice.

      I look forward to reading what sounds most interesting…

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