Egg Hunt Aftermath

O dear, oh dear, oh dear…

A fitting end to this blog, I think.
Goodbye, bloggers and tank you all for visiting.
This will be my final post here.



  1. Oh NO! What will I ever do without you? This can not be true!!!!!!!! You are so important to Elephant’s Picture Book – Please say it isn’t true!
    I do not like even the thought of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even if true, I will not be able to cope with your leaving – I will always be waiting for you – always!
    My Best,

    PS Please stay in touch! . . . PLEASE!

  2. Come on – even I am trying for one year – you aren’t near a year! What on earth will I do without you! Come on you encouraged me – let me convince you to STAY! What will I do without you? Come on I am making an idiot out of myself – please don’t go!

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