Havery-wavery lines

Hazy blurry wavy vision can mean only one thing – A FLASHBACK.

We join a vision of 1976.
The 8 year old Killkaties sits on the garden wall, idly kicking his red sandals as he waits for his best friend,Mint, to arrive for a day of dam-building, mud throwing and nettle stings.

A strange sight came into view. Mint wasn’t ambling down the road, scuffing his shoes as he went. He was bouncing along in great lolloping leaps, a vision of vibrant orange bounding towards me.

I was unable to hide my sheer desire. “What’s that?
“Spacehopper.” He nonchalantly replied and that was the word that climbed to the top of my birthday list…and christmas list…and birthday list after that.

I never did get a spacehopper but Mint hardly got a look-in when the spacehopper was up for grabs.
It brought us hours of fun…we even foolishly tried using it as a boat and launching Mint into the middle of the river that ran past the back of my house.

So today, before the wavy lines re-appear to return us to the present, I present Killkaties on a spacehopper c.1976-77



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