1976: in colour

A spot of deja vu to appeal to fans of colour (for American readers, that’s color but spelled correctly).




  1. I have my spell-check set to American.

    I hope I haven’t caused you any offense and that no one’s honor was slighted. I personally do not believe the USA to be the center of the world (though they have some nice dramatic writers which means cool modern theater) and I fully understand a sizable population of English-speaking people write words with u’s in them.

    Anyway, nice colours there 🙂

      1. Le havery with cheese?

        My dictionary is suggesting that there is such a word as haver-waver. But I do not really trust it on this particular issue. To me, havery-wavery sounds like a name of a hair style.

  2. We didn’t get colour until 1985 because my Dad preferred ‘realistic’ black & white.
    I’m shocked to learn that Spacehoppers were orange – I thought they were light grey & next to the dark grey snooker balls…

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