Nun with a mother of pearl hearing aid

What a stroke of luck! They’ve just found another one in the attic. I wonder what else they’ll find up there?

It’s not often you see a nun dressed up in her winter finery. And what a delightful hat!


  1. Awesome! Just when we thought the nuns should cycle off into distance they only go and discover such wonders in their attic! Will Sister Wendy be visiting to give them a critique?

    1. I don’t think Sister Wendy’s assistance is required here. The authenticity of these works is indisputable. Look at the craft – the careful-laid colors, the lines, the face!

      1. Right my on the phone to her now; hope she’s not taken a vow of silence!
        I also should be doing work but finding distraction in ANYTHING! 🙂

      2. Do you hear her breathing? Maybe she can breath in Morse code?

        Besides, this is an issue of worldwide importance. Far from ANYTHING!
        Art and Nuns!

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