Look out, here come the nuns!

I’m just doodling today.

20130205-220226.jpgA gaggle of nuns multiplying their powers through osmosis while an errant cyborg attempts to thwart them with a masterful disguise.



  1. I love the guns! I enjoy illustrations such as these. They’re simple, yet there’re multiple stories that can come from them. I also like it when the drawing flow nicely like what you have with the guns. I think I mentioned loving the guns, right? I also love how a simple background of a tilted line can make for the action to flow so smoothly. Again, very nice and also very funny.

      1. Thanks, Tobe- I’m now trying to decide if Gun Designer would be a valid career choice. I’m thinking “no”. Nun designer, on the other hand…

    1. Thanks, Jack. I’m glad you liked it- guns are always fun to draw and I don’t think anyone needs a tutorial on how to draw these nuns. In fact, they’re so easy that I can see a long, long series coming out of this…

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