The Results Show


the votes have been counted, the Likes totalised and massaged to give the result you all wanted.
It gives me pleasure to announce that the winner of the Most Popular letter is…

Unfortunately, Victor can’t be here to collect his award as he’s not yet returned from the Sargasso sea. Here, to collect the award in is place is the Reverend Gerry Blass-Femur of Talahassie.

Unless anyone has any other ideas it has been suggested that Follow up the letterlist with the 7 Deadly Sins which I’m not really looking forward to as I’d have do some research…



  1. It’s difficult to choose only one favorite. There were far too many that I liked.
    It’s somewhat like this: PIMKZYWUV

    Also, I hope by ‘research’ you don’t mean testing all the sins out.

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