Y is for yak’s milk and more


it’s quite widely known fact that yaks produce pink milk which I suppose would make for amazingly vivid strawberry milkshakes.
What is less well known is that yaks are able to produce milk with enough force to propel themselves across the grasslands of Tibet at speeds of up to 12mph (the males are left to trudge wearily behind carrying the luggage).
This propulsion method is studied with great interest by Tibetan monks whose yogic flying owes much to the technique (although they refuse to tell what precisely their jet streams are made from.

Y is also for Yoda,Yahoo! and yodelling. Y is a good letter.

Lost: one cat, answers to the name Victor but will also respond to calls of “agent57”. Last seen in a ramshackle wooden car heading towards the Sargasso Sea. Reward offered for safe return.



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