My cat Victor (see yesterday) seems to be trying just a little too hard too convince me of his German lineage. Today he was wittering on about Walpurgisnacht, a night when witches like to partay.
He says that back home in East Germany there is a mountain called Brocken that the witches love to frequent because of its resident spectre. They just love being around when the Brocken spectre calls.

I should never have doubted Victor. A quick google shows that this is all true, even the Broken spectacles. And so, it would seem is the mahogany car built on a 2cv chassis (find images of the Citröen Tryane for proof)

So, it looks as though it’s make or break time for Charlie. Should I believe him or not? If not then what is his game?



  1. I meant it in the German way, but I think it does work both ways (Also, I should have written it with capital S, like the Germans do, which would be clearer).

    And yes, I believe the cat wants to lure you through his extravagant speech.

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