V hickle

I sometimes wonder if my cat Vincent’s claims about his vehicle’s history… according to him, it started life as a citroen deux chevaux but then had a mahogany body built onto it’s stripped down chassis (pared down to three rather than four wheels). This is plainly a ridiculous claim. He calls it Tryane and talks to it.

While we’re here, I’m a little dubious of his claims of a noble German heritage. For starters, he should be driving a Volkswagen. Also, he looks like a particular breed of French cat, La Vache Folle.

He does command a terrific defence of his history though and always emerges victorious.


NB If anyone has any tips for the distribution of umlauts, I’d be happy to take them on board ü.


  1. I’d help with the distribution of umlauts, but I have forgotten how to put them on digital letters. Hmm, €, nope. Nope. Don’t know.

    I fear, the cat may be a spy. Have you checked him for tattoos and birthmarks? I think spies have those. I also hope you don’t let him read the internet, because I could be potentially targeted for blowing his cov

    1. Victor is behaving very oddly- he’s forever on the internet these days and he cups muttering something about having bigger fish to fry… I think he and I need to have a serious discussion sometime soon…

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