U part 2

Today’s post is both a bit of a stutter in the letterlist and completely out of character so hold on to your hats…there’s no drawing!20130129-231050.jpg

How could I have forgotten this U? The Mighty Uke! My ukuleles have been packed away while the back half of our house is being renovated but I think I may have to dig one out after this oversight.

A ukulele is a thing of joy. Pick one up, strum the open strings and there you are producing something tuneful. At £15 a shot, you can’t go wrong and you might just find it irresistible. Find a local group, play and sing with others. There’s a thriving ukulele community out there and YOU are the person they’ve been waiting for!

The picture above is of the two concert ukuleles in our house canoodling on the sofa. If things go too far we could end up with a tiny sopranino to go with the tenor triplets that we already care for…
if you ever see the Mighty Uke documentary, look out for the crowd of world record breaking ukulele players- you might just spot my middle child and I waving our ukes at you.


  1. That’s the first thing I noticed too! These ukes are close! Watching TV with their one eye, and the constantly same face expression. Still, they look happy.

    Also I’ve just watched the trailer of the Might Uke, and haven’t seen anyone with a gigantic red afro and epic mustache.

  2. I keep wanting to learn how to play the fiddle but it sounds like these might be easier to deal with and more fun. Hope you gave it a good workout after finding it again!

    1. Well, I don’t know about that but it’s looking a little less dusty now… You should get yourself a uke. Even if you decide it’s not for you, spread the love and pass it on to someone else.

    1. My first uke was a shiny red maholo. After a case of UAS (Ukulele Aquisition Syndrome) I managed to kick the habit on my fifth. Are you part of a club, Mim? If you e-mail me with whereabouts you live, I can point you in the right direction!

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