R is for Royalty

Having once beenused by Queen Victoria, the contents of this cup are the subject of today’s post.20130126-003038.jpg

The royal tea has always been provided by fortnum and Mason’s store, as they are the best at cutting up economy teabags and emptying them into a regal tea caddy.

First introduced to England by Gallic warriors around 50 BC, social gatherings to drink the stuff have been popular ever since.
The largest of these took place in Boston in 1773 where English tea drinkers failed to convince their American counterparts that throwing loads of tea into the ocean would not bring in an early morning cuppa washing in on the first tide of the day.

Regulars will recall a ream of Rs on display HERE



  1. “Gallic warriors.” You mean Asterix and Obelix!

    Also, I’m equally concerned by the Americans’ actions – wasting so much tea just to make a point. At least, they made the ocean taste better, it definitely needed that.

    1. I see that you are well-versed in Gallic history. Upon further reading however (beyond page 2), it turns out that it was not the warriors themselves but their druid, Getafix who introduced tea to the English.

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