Queue for the queen.

There was quite often a queue to see the queen in Victorian times.
Luckily she lived to be 250 years old.
She was said to have a secret tattoo.
Her paramour Albert, of course was a fan of piercings.




    1. Yes, i remember that scene where Mr Bean is stood in line to meet the queen and does that thing that seems obscene by wiggling his finger.
      So many times it’s quite sublime his actions are so asinine that mine seem only borderline but on that I won’t linger.

  1. I wonder where the skirt is now? Or is it the king did die but returned as a zombie, yet the royal family keeps him a secret somewhere in the castle? Hmm…this is very disconcerting! I wonder if Prince Harry knows about this. Maybe he does. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

    1. The skirt is kept in a secure vault at the Tower of London. It is tethered by a series of interlocking chains lest it escapes and runs amok up and down Horseguards Parade.

      As to Albert, he of course died eventually and did indeed return as a zombie. Hidden from public knowledge, his blood is regularly drained and used to brew up the Royals’ secret elixir of longevity.

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