P is paranormal

P is for paranormal and who could be better to introduce today’s topic than those paranormal P.I.s Mulder and Scully from hit tv show the… oh! Blast and botheration- I should have saved them for X. (It would have given me some time to practice drawing them too.
Ho hum!

Today’s mystery is: what on earth is going on with ET and Mulder? For bonus points, can anyone tell me why I didn’t notice that while I was drawing it? (Please provide your answers below)
Still, great things come from happy accidents- just look at penicillin!




  1. If you practiced drawing them, it wouldn’t feel so real, man!

    Your mystery is not much of a mystery, I’m afraid. You clearly wanted to recreate the Creation of Adam with ET and Mulder. Unfortunately, you drew them too close, and it didn’t work out as intended. The clues are, of course, the lack of a hand on Mulder (you just gave up there), the potty coloring on Mulder’s trousers (changing high art into pee-play – a glorious commentary on various modern tributes and homages), and the ghost (he doesn’t fit, but he represents a soul of the previous idea, thrown aside and scared of the new meanings embedded into the picture).

    And yes. Yes to what you’re thinking now. I went deep.

      1. If anything, your ego needs more pumpin’! After all, I still have not deciphered the meaning of that green thingy Scully is holding in her hand. And what about the falling ufo in the background? Is it a realistic rendition of the Bethlehem star? Is it a symbol of broken dreams crushed by the darned misplaced Mulder? I shall never know!

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